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Dear Clients, past, present and future, Government guidelines have dictated that due to the “close contact” nature of the treatments practitioners such as myself provide, I can’t see you for your appointments. However I must reassure you that I uphold the highest of hygiene standards and have gone above and beyond in preparation for reopening, with full PPE in my fully licensed clinic. I have decided to cancel all appointments in the diary, as things were becoming too confusing for us all with all the diary juggling I was having to do?! I’ll start again once I know for sure that everything is up and running. I will of course prioritise all the clients that were at the front of the appointment diary and rebook in *strict* order. My priority of course, is to keep us all “SAFE”. I will update this information as soon as I know there’s been a definite change in circumstances. Thank you so much for your lovely messages of support, your wonderful compliments and for your very touching loyalty ❤️
Hello everyone, Fingers crossed it won’t be too long before I can see you all. Just popping this on to reassure you that I’m totally prepared for when I can start seeing clients again and to put your minds at rest that I always adhere to the the strictest government guidlines when it comes to hygiene protocols, in order to protect all of my clients’ to the very best of my ability. Your health and safely are of paramount importance to me. Here is my Covid 19 Barbicide disinfection certificate.



Jan Jordan trained and qualified in London’s famous “Harley Street”, and is a Fully Certified,  Insured and Licensed Permanent Makeup Specialist and has been based in Hindhead, Surrey since 2011.

Jan specialises in creating natural looking Eyebrows, Eyeliner, and Lips, giving you the perfect lasting look that you have always wanted.

Micropigmentation, or Permanent Makeup, is a tattoo process that delivers organic pigment into the epidermal layers and the first "Reticular" dermal layer of the skin using very fine needles. The treatment is semi permanent because we all, eventually, shed our epidermal skin layers, leaving a faint trace of pigment in the reticular layer. People shed the epidermal layers at different rates, meaning that fading of colour varies from person to person. The colour of the tattooed area will seem darker than expected until healed, which is about 5-7 days, when the colour fades by about 30%, leaving a lovely, soft, natural result.

It is a safe and extremely effective way of enhancing your natural looks, and means that you can dispense with a lot of products in your makeup bag, such as Brow pencils, lip liner and eyeliner.

The result can last for a year or more, depending on your skin type and certain medical conditions, which in the long run will save a lot of time and money on cosmetics.

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Permanent Makeup Treatments


Microblading is one of the techniques used to implant pigment into the skin. This method creates very fine hair strokes...


Semi-permanent eyeliner can be applied to both top and bottom eyelids.  It can be very subtle, or more dramatic... 


Lips will looks luscious and natural with semi-permanent makeup...


Better definition for Male brows. Natural looking eyebrows every time...

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