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Home Visits

For those clients who feel they would be happier to be seen at home for reasons of heightened confidentiality, or because of problems with mobility, Jan Jordan offers a "Home visit" option. In certain circumstances confidentiality and anonymity are essential. We have an unrivaled reputation when it comes to client privacy.

For some, a "Home visit" is of paramount importance.

"N.B. All photos used on the
website and in all other digital
and paper publications have
been placed with the full
permission of my clients."


At the Clinic we see many clients with conditions such as Parkinson's disease, Multiple Sclerosis and other debilitating conditions, but we also realize that travel is not an option for some clients and we are pleased to be able to help under these difficult circumstances.

"Applying makeup can be a real chore, if not an impossibility for some people. This is where Semi Permanent Makeup really comes into its own."
"Please note that an extra fee will be applicable where home visits are concerned, as travel costs and time away from the clinic must be taken into consideration. Please contact me for an exact quote."

"In certain circumstances, i.e., if mobility is a problem, or you need to protect your anonymity, a "Home Visit" can be arranged. Please contact me for further information."