Natural Look Permanent Eyebrow, Eyeliner and Lips 


Achieve Timeless Beauty with Natural Look Permanent Eyebrows, Eyeliner, and Lips


Welcome to the world of timeless beauty at Jan Jordan's Permanent Makeup Clinic. The top microblading artist, Jan Jordan, is renowned for her expertise in creating beautifully natural microbladed brows that will leave you looking and feeling your best. Say goodbye to the hassle of daily makeup routines and hello to effortlessly flawless beauty. Natural Look Permanent Eyebrows are the latest trend in the world of beauty, and they're gaining popularity in areas like Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex, and Berkshire. 

Jan Jordan brings her unparalleled skill and passion for enhancing your natural features through microblading. Whether you're from Guildford, Farnham, Haslemere, or Weybridge, our studio is your haven for achieving the perfect, low-maintenance look you've always dreamed of. Discover the secret to timeless beauty with Jan Jordan's Microblading services. Say goodbye to smudged eyeliner, fading lip color, and sparse eyebrows. Embrace the convenience and confidence that comes with natural-looking permanent makeup. Book your appointment today and experience the magic of Jan Jordan's expertise.











Microblading is a lovely pigment implantation technique that can help you achieve a natural look, but there are very important things to take into account before deciding to go ahead with this treatment. I’ll list the main points: 

Natural Look: Microbladed strokes can create a natural look on virgin skin, meaning skin that has never had any tattooing before. The initial results can be wonderful and crisp, giving you the appearance of naturally defined eyebrows. 

Evolution of Appearance: Over time and following top-up sessions, the strokes may become less noticeable. Your brows may gradually take on a "powder brow" look due to the constant regeneration of skin cells in and around the tattooed area, which softens and blurs the original strokes. 

Skin Type Matters: The longevity of the hairstroke effect depends on your skin type. Dry skin tends to prolong the crisp appearance of microbladed brows. 

Oily Skin and Redness: Oily skin or skin with a tendency toward redness or flushing may lead to the strokes becoming blurred, resulting in a "powder brow" look sooner than with dry skin. 

Permanent Makeup: Microblading, like other pigment implantation techniques, is categorized as a tattoo. This is why practitioners often refer to themselves as "Permanent Makeup Artists." Your microblading tattoo will last, and while top-up sessions can refresh the look, some color buildup is expected. Removal through laser treatments may be necessary, with the possibility of re-implanting pigment after healing. 

Pigment Shade Matters: The shade of pigment used affects the intensity of your microblading. Darker pigments create a stronger microblading appearance, and it's important to note that lighter shades cannot be implanted to lighten the color. Dark microblading may fade over time, possibly taking on an ashy tone. 

Color Variations: Warmer pigments can fade down over time, potentially creating a red hue in your microblading results. 

Expert Advice: It's crucial to trust experienced practitioners who provide accurate information. If a practitioner suggests outcomes that contradict the information above, exercise caution. 

Unpredictable Results: Tattooing, including microblading, is not an exact science, and individual healing processes vary. Before deciding on any tattoo treatment, carefully consider the potential outcomes. While practitioners take utmost care during treatments, results are never 100% predictable. 

In summary, while microblading can provide a natural look initially, various factors such as skin type, pigment shade, and individual healing processes can influence the appearance over time. Always consult with a qualified Permanent Makeup Artist who can guide you through the process and expectations to achieve the desired natural look for your eyebrows.