Permanent Makeup in Guildford



I believe that eyebrows frame the face and can make a terrific difference to the way you look. Whether you need subtle enhancements, or re-shaping, or need to have an eyebrow created where there is little or no hair, Semi-permanent Make-up is the answer.  No more time consuming drawing on of eyebrows! 
I specialise in soft, natural looking eyebrows, that will enhance your look and give you the added confidence you need without having to apply eyebrow make-up.


Semi-permanent eyeliner can be applied to both top and bottom eyelids.  It can be very subtle, or more dramatic.  It depends entirely on the look you desire. 
Your eyeliner is designed specifically to make the most of your individual eye shape.
It’s so nice to wake up in the morning with beautiful eyeliner, and a real joy if you’re  on holiday, especially if you like to swim and still have smudge free eyes. 


Lips will looks luscious and natural with semi-permanent make-up. The pigment shade is matched very closely to the natural colour of your lips, and really helps to define your mouth. A gentle blush is carried onto the lips from the liner, giving you a beautifully subtle look.  Whether wearing your favourite lipstick or just a little lip gloss, you are ready to face the world.

Paramedical Procedures

Areola and Nipple Reconstruction
For patients who have had surgery following breast cancer, this is the only treatment that can restore colour.  We can create an areola with a contoured effect to give the nipple a really natural look by careful colour matching and positioning. At the end of a very difficult time, this treatment can promote positive self-image and confidence for the client.  Also, for those who have areolas that are light in colour, and would prefer them to be a darker shade, this too can be achieved with Micropigmentation.

Camouflage for Scars
At around one year after healing, a scar can usually be treated. Pigments which match the undamaged skin colour can be applied, provided the scar is white.  Where scars are keloid or tight, or where movement is restricted, this treatment can relax the scars, giving easier movement.  A process called “Dry Needling”, into the scars, can activate the body to repair and flatten the scar, by sending collagen into the area. This same process can be used to send collagen into the skin to minimize wrinkles.

Burns Scars
A year on from a skin graft, or when burnt skin has healed, camouflage pigments can be used to help improve the appearance of burns, also “Dry Needling” can be used to improve flexibility and movement.  If there are facial scars, facial features, such as eyebrows and lips, can be recreated.

Vitiligo Camouflage
This is a condition which causes the skin to lose pigment.  Tattooing aims to fill in the light areas with pigment to match the natural skin tone, therefore decreasing the contrast between the skin tone and the white areas caused by the Vitiligo. Treatment is only performed on people whose Vitiligo has been stable for more than three years.

Consultation / Patch Test £35, payable on day of consultation.