Microbladed Eyebrows

I believe that eyebrows frame the face and make a terrific difference to the way we look. Whether you need subtle enhancements, reshaping, or need to create hair where there is little, or no hair, Microblading is the answer. No more time consuming “drawing on” of eyebrows! I specialise in soft, natural looking brows, that will enhance your look and give you the added confidence you need, without having to apply eyebrow makeup. My motto is “Eyebrows should look like eyebrows"!

Microblading - The facts

Microblading is a lovely pigment implantation technique, but there are very important things to take into account before deciding to go ahead with this treatment. I’ll list the main points:

  1. Microbladed strokes look wonderful and crisp on virgin skin, in other words, skin that has never had any tattooing before. 
  2. After time and following top-up sessions, the strokes will be less noticeable and your brows will have the appearance of a “powder brow” look. This is because your skin cells constantly regenerate in and around the tattooed area creating a softening and blurring of the original strokes.
  3. The dryer your skin, the longer the hairstroke affect will last.
  4. Oily skin and skin with a tendency toward redness or flushing will result in the strokes becoming blurred and will create a “powder brow” look far sooner than with dry skin.
  5. Microblading along with all other pigment implantation techniques is categorised as a tattoo and this is why I call myself a “Permanent Makeup Artist”. Your tattoo will last and although top-ups will freshen the look, there will be a build up of colour and consequently your pigment is there to stay unless removed with laser removal. Once the laser removal has healed, in most cases you can have pigment implanted again.
  6. The darker the pigment implanted, the stronger your microblading will look and lighter shades cannot be implanted to lighten the colour! 
  7. Dark Microblading can fade down over time to an ashy tone.
  8. Warmer pigments can fade down over time creating a red hue.
  9. Remember....if a practitioner tells you anything other than the above...BEWARE!
  10. Please be aware that tattooing is not an exact science and that everyone heals in their own way. Please think very carefully before deciding on going ahead with any tattoo treatment and that although the utmost care is given during your treatment, results are never 100% predictable. 

Finally, client satisfaction is of paramount importance to me and I will never try to persuade you into going ahead with any treatments. The decision is yours ❤️

Please go to the “Previously Microbladed Brows” section of the “Gallery” page for examples of brows before and after a “Top-up”. The before photo is probably around a year after the client’s last session. This gives a realistic idea of how things look once the strokes have softened and the colour has changed. The after photo is how things look directly after the “Top-up” session.




Case Study

Here is a follow up photo of my lovely client Carol. Carol is the lady featured in the “Eyebrow Tattooing Surrey” video. The video is here on my website or can be viewed on YouTube.  As you can see, Carol’s brows are completely healed and have a soft natural look to them now.


Carol Webb. Camberley. 2014 (see video)

I was very apprehensive before getting this done. I was very shy, having no hair on my eyebrows and scared about whether it would hurt and if it would look nice, but when I went for the consultation with Jan, I realised I couldn’t have found a better person for the job. She was friendly, kind. On the day of my treatment Jan explained everything as she went, making sure I was happy at every stage right until the end. After having it done my eyebrows look fantastic, but that doesn’t compare to how much I’m smiling now. I’m so much happier and anyone thinking of having this done, needs to have a consultation with Jan and they won’t look back.

Thank you Jan. Xx






Semi-permanent eyeliner can be applied to both top and bottom eyelids. It can be a very subtle lash enhancement, or more of a makeup look. Please be aware that if it's a heavy liner look you're after, I'm going to have to say no. I believe that when it comes to eyeliner tattooing, less is more!
It’s so nice to wake up in the morning with beautiful eyeliner, and a real joy if you’re  on holiday, especially if you like to swim and still have smudge free eyes. 




If you’ve had a bad experience with Permanent Makeup, Saline Tattoo Removal is the safe alternative to laser. Lots of people have been helped by having this treatment. It is imperative that there is a face to face consultation to determine your suitability and to explain the whole process and hopeful positive outcomes of removing your unwanted tattoo. This treatment is for tattoos older than 3 months.


As long as you come to me within 48 hours of having a bad tattoo procedure, I can perform “Emergency Removal” on the area. No point coming to me if it’s after the 48 hour period, as this particular removal technique will not work! Please contact me on: 07760 253085 to arrange your emergency appointment. I will always try my very best to see you. 

Home Visits

For those clients who feel they would be happier to be seen at home for reasons of heightened confidentiality, or because of problems with mobility, Jan Jordan offers a "Home visit" option. In certain circumstances confidentiality and anonymity are essential. We have an unrivaled reputation when it comes to client privacy.

For some, a "Home visit" is of paramount importance.

"N.B. All photos used on the
website and in all other digital
and paper publications have
been placed with the full
permission of my clients."


At the Clinic we see many clients with conditions such as Parkinson's disease, Multiple Sclerosis and other debilitating conditions, but we also realize that travel is not an option for some clients and we are pleased to be able to help under these difficult circumstances.

"Applying makeup can be a real chore, if not an impossibility for some people. This is where Semi Permanent Makeup really comes into its own."
"Please note that an extra fee will be applicable where home visits are concerned, as travel costs and time away from the clinic must be taken into consideration. Please contact me for an exact quote."

"In certain circumstances, i.e., if mobility is a problem, or you need to protect your anonymity, a "Home Visit" can be arranged. Please contact me for further information."